How it Works

Simple, Reliable, Fast and No Surprises!

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A simple, step by step example of how NZ Childcare Finance can give you the cash when you most need it:

You do the following

  1. Fax or email us a completed application form and your bank statements showing the last 3 bulk funding deposits, and a copy of your centre licence.
  2. Post us the signed direct debit authority.

Then we do the following

  1. When we receive your application form, we do our credit searches and standard loan approval things.
  2. We immediately advise you if the application is approved or not. [We approve over 95% of applications!].
  3. The next day, once we receive the direct debit form in the post, we transfer the funds to your bank account and advise you once done.

Repayment of loan

  1. On the day of the next bulk funding deposit we direct debit our loan plus costs from your account. This way you do not need to do anything.

Apply Today and get Your Bulk Funding Early!


Simply download and read the Memo of Terms and Conditions, complete and fax or email us the application form below, and post us the direct debit authority. We will do the rest.

After we review the application we shall confirm approval with you. Once we receive the direct debit form in the post, we’ll electronically transfer the funds into your bank account the same day.

It’s that easy!

Loan Agreement | Memorandum of General Terms and Conditions | Direct debit authority | Brochure